Our Purpose

We guide you in developing the confidence to move forward knowing that your financial strategy supports your life’s journey.

Tælos Financial Partners is built around aligning your financial strategy with your life’s journey.

Crafting your approach starts with understanding the stages and milestones that are meaningful to you. Everyone’s vision is unique. By making your vision the center of a financial strategy, your Tælos financial advisor can provide guidance, giving you confidence in your financial future.

We build a strategy together with you. Your individual strategy supports your needs today and your opportunities tomorrow. A career transition, saving for educational expenses, goals for retirement, long-term quality of life care, securing a legacy, we map every aspect of your financial strategy to support the things that are meaningful to you.

As you move through life, once distant goals come into sharper focus. We ensure your strategy evolves along with you. Core to your strategy is the flexibility to respond to changing conditions and needs. At every stage, you will have the confidence that Tælos Financial Partners and the financial strategy we develop together are there to support your life and your goals.


Career Transitions

A promotion, a new employer, a different career direction—these are times of both excitement and concern. Planning for a change in salary, moving retirement assets from employer-sponsored programs, or maintaining short-term income are a few of the ways we can provide financial guidance during these transitions.

Educational Expenses

Supporting educational opportunities—for children, grandchildren, or for you—can put significant demands on your financial strategy. Advance planning and smart strategies can make these opportunities less challenging. We can provide the guidance you need to approach these events with confidence.

Business Ownership

Starting, buying, owning or selling a business marks a significant change in your financial circumstances. While a business asset plays a large part in your financial strategy, other aspects should be even more carefully considered. This is one of many ways we consider your entire financial picture.

Beyond Retirement

For whatever your vision of retirement might be, shifting your income from primary employment to other means involves a transition in your financial strategy. We can help you confidently make that transition and plan for years of new opportunities and experiences.

Ensuring Life Quality

Ensuring your financial strategy meets the quality of life needs for you or a loved one may be a strong focus of your financial strategy. The prospect of caring for someone with special needs or providing the resource for advanced care is more manageable with guidance and the right financial strategy.

Planning A Legacy

Planning your legacy is more than just a number. Inheritance, planned giving and the impact you want to make before these events requires careful and often stressful planning that you don’t need to do alone. We can provide options and information on the best way to fulfill your intentions.

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